Are You a Young Family?

New marriage? New house? New baby? Changes in your family mean changes in financial situation. See if you have gaps in your Financial Plan!

As a young family, it can sometimes be intimidating to discuss financial planning. Why? Because your needs are often high, yet cashflow is only beginning, and for most it flows out as fast as in. Most are paying off student loans, vehicles, new homes, and lets face it… the trip down south that went on the credit card to be paid “later”. Discuss with us how getting that ball rolling isn’t nearly as painful as you may think.

Here are a few things to think about when getting started:

Protecting Your Family – Your family depends on each other. The make up of your Family Unit makes a big difference in your financial plan.

  • Children’s Insurance – It may seem strange to put insurance on your children but this article gives you a few reasons why. A proper insurance strategy will help protect you and your children in the future and can also act as a savings strategy.
  • Life Insurance – When you depend on each other, there is a cost to losing one of you. Don’t let this scare you, but if your income disappeared, could your family make ends meet? We help facilitate this discussion. You can also use our calculator to see which plans make sense for your family.
  • Disability Insurance – If we depend on your income, disability insurance is a must. If you could not work today, how will your family be provided for? Disability Insurance can be complicated and even though many have it through work, there may be gaps.

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