A Community Working Together

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A Community Working Together

On Tuesday of this week, I had the pleasure of attending a presentation of a cheque to the Children’s Wish Foundation, which is exciting enough. But what was moving about the presentation is that it was derived from 10 years of work on behalf of the community through an annual golf tournament. The staff at the Bayview Credit Union (Formerly Charlotte County Credit Union) has been planning and hosting the event, which is going into its 11th summer. Almost

Presenting the Cheque from Concentra to Children’s Wish Foundation on behalf of all Sponsors in the St. George Area

$200,000 has been raised, granting countless wishes to sick children. The ladies at the Credit Union are quick to thank all of the sponsors in the small town of St. George and surrounding Charlotte County area. Over 150 business come together to donate their time, money, supplies and prizes to make the event a success each year.

It is amazing that so many businesses that co-exist together in a small area can come together and set aside any differences or competition in order to support a cause that truly makes a difference in the lives of so many children and their families. That effort was certainly rewarded this week when Bayview Credit Union’s wholesale finance partner Concentra received a letter from the local branch describing the efforts of the community. Concentra responded with a donation of $25,000 to the Children’s Wish Foundation, the first donation of its kind from Concentra in Atlantic Canada. The event organizing staff was very excited and humbled by the generous donation. Sponsors that were invited for the cheque presentation were very excited to see the results of the efforts and excited for the 2017 tournament to get underway.

I feel very blessed to have a business in this little caring